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Company Profile

Treemit Chemical Co., Ltd. has been established for 20 years.  We manufacture and sell household chemical products e.g. dish-washing liquid, liquid detergent, cleaning detergent.  Our experience and expertise in dish-washing liquid enables “Repill” and “Bonus”, our own brands, widely well-known among traders and
consumers.  Furthermore, Treemit Chemical is also trusted to manufacture other local branded or
house-branded products.  

Why “Treemit” ?  Our strengths :
  1. Fast delivery service countrywide
  2. Honesty to all business partners and customers
  3. Financial strength and discipline
  4. Over 20 years of experience and expertise of the management team
  5. Continuous development and capacity expansion

Why “Repill” dish-washing liquid ? – Strengths of “Repill” brand

  1. Excellent quality at reasonable price. It can be used to clean more dishes than its competitors.
  2. Guaranteed freshness. New products are produced and distributed everyday.
  3. Good reputation among consumers as well as traders.
  4. Various selection of packages e.g. bottle, gallon, pouch of several sizes.

Why “Bonus” dish-washing liquid? – Strengths of “Bonus” brand

  1. Reasonably good quality at cheap price.
  2. Guaranteed freshness. New products are produced and distributed everyday.
  3. Thanks to its cheap price, it stimulates fast decision-making to try the product.
  4. Availability in both bottle and standing pouch of several sizes

Why “Repill Liquid” detergent? - Strengths of “Repill Liquid” brand

  1. Impressively good quality at cheap price. It costs only 1 to 2 baht per wash.
  2. Suitable for both hand wash and machine wash (machine with top lid).
  3. Good substitute for powder detergent without musty smell.
  4. No powder stain left on clothes and washing machine.
  5. Long-lasting fresh fragrance
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